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Welcome to my blog!

Hi there and thanks for reading. There’s an aweful lot going on in politics at the moment, so why don’t we start there? (Don’t worry… this is a one-off.) Trump or Clinton–that is the question. Well.. I’m kinda on the fence at the moment. It’s safe to say that both are not without their faults… although… I would argue one has a few more than the other… but I won’t cloud you judgement–that’s for you to decide. On the other side of the coin, they both have a lot going for them. Hillary having once been the First Lady has a tonne of relevant experience! Not only that, she is married to Bill, who was actually the President once… so if you ever needed anyone in your corner when you’re President… it’s another President right?

What about Trump? It goes without saying that this guy is disliked by many. Like I said, I’m on the fence. However, there’s so much about this guy that I admire… but so much about him that just doesn’t add up! That’s not to mention the things that he says… and let’s be honest… the guy has dropped a few clangers! That’s what perplexes me about him. He is supposed to be one of the most intelligent and astute business men in the world. Yet… on a regular basis… the guy comes out with things that are either just plain dumb… or beyond my comprehension, which is completely reasonable. Part of me thinks he says what he does and acts the way that he does to provoke a response; to get a reaction. A large part of me thinks this approach is what has got him to where he is today. We may not like what he says and does sometimes… butthere’s no denying that he’s made us take notice. Whether we like to or not, we wait on his words. A lot of them make sense… and this is almost as dull as the next politician. However, he mixes things up with things that are inflammatory–almost like he’s keeping us on our toes.

Hilary is more like your traditional politician… although… you’ve gotta be as tough as old boots to be a woman and get where she’s gotten to–I admire that. I think her intentions are good… but is she the right choice for the country? I don’t agree with everything she stands for… but I think she will on a whole have a positive effect.

What about the outgoing President? Well… I liked the guy. He got a lot of flak for many of his policies… but I think he’s been one of the best Presidents in recent times! He’s done so much for the country. A lot of which has gone unnoticed, with many getting hooked up on Obama care–sad times.